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Fresh Coast Studios and Milwaukee Media provide the finest film-video-audio production, editing, mixing, mastering and duplication services in South Eastern Wisconsin.

Cheri Langkau (

Very friendly and knowledgeable group of guys to work with! Made sure I got exactly what I wanted in a timely manner. Great quality of work! Really liked the fact that all of my videos were transferred on site, Not shipped out somewhere across the country. I will definitely be recommending and using their services in the future!!!

Adam B. (

The staff here did a great job converting and enhancing a VHS to multiple DVD's. Jeff Taylor and his colleagues are experienced, caring, and strive to provide quality work. I would gladly do business with them in the future!

Dave Zdrojewski (email letter to FRESH COAST Studios - Milwaukee Media)

“Hi, Jeff,

Just a brief note to say THANK YOU a million times over for the spectacular job you people did at Fresh Coast for me in quite a few ways:

    1.   Your people did a spectacular job on transferring the video movies I took with my camera during our trip out west and putting them on a DVD disc so everyone could enjoy the scenery by watching them on our TV.

    2.   I was amazed again when I asked if a certain DVD we purchased in Hawaii could be put on a DVD so that we could watch it.  It turns out this DVD we purchased had a format "HD" that is currently out-dated (obsolete)...but your people were able to convert it to a "standard" DVD format that we could put on our reader.  Super great job!  We finally got to see the erupting of the volcano on the DVD that we purchased in 2008.  It was fantastic!

    3.   And here comes the biggest "THANK YOU" of all...Converting my dad's 8 mm reels of film to DVD.  Last year when we watched them, the splices were constantly breaking and we had to stop and reload the projector.  It was hard to keep our grandkids quiet and ready to watch the rest of the films.  Thanks to your people and the work that you put into these projects of ours, we can now watch these films all in one sitting.


- - Dave Zdrojewski

“P.S.   Jeff, if you like, you can use this email as my approval of using  it as a recommendation to any future or potential customers.

P.P.S. If anyone has questions about your pricing, what I paid you folks was well worth the price considering the priceless memories your work brought to our family.  Thanks, again!!!”

Jack Copet (

I cannot thank everyone that works here enough. Over 30 years ago I made a cassette on a road trip with my grandparents. They've been gone a long time now, but Fresh Coast was able to not only convert this old tape, but digitally remaster it and digitize it. Now my children can hear the voices of their great-grandparents. Thank you, I cannot recommend more highly!

Rebecca A. (

Last year I needed to put all my old analog videos to digital format and DVD.I was very pleased with their service and the quality of the work. This past quarter, I had occasion to do a duplication run of an audio training course I had produced for Compact Disc and flash drive. All work was done with the same high quality service and results. Just last week I had Milwaukee Media transfer and convert a VHS program from my job experience to flash drive in a streaming format. Once again the results were excellent. These folks work by appointment on the weekends as well ... I highly recommend this company!

Jayson Rolt (

“In my career, I often need high quality analog transfers to digital formats.

Over the years Fresh Coast's Milwaukee Media (used to be known as Taylor Studios) has provided many and varied services for me ...
including film to digital video, analog reel-to-reel to digital compact disc, Beta and VHS cassette remasters to DVD, video editing and more.

In my experience, their work is excellent. Long live Fresh Coast and Milwaukee Media Duplication!”

Ted Steele (

Wow. You guys have worked a miracle.

That's the first time I have really heard my parents' voice in over 30 years. You have given my parents back to me.

Thank you so very much! Ted Steele

Becca Anders (

“With all of the precious 8mm film and VHS tapes that I've acquired through the years, I wanted the highest quality possible when I transferred all of this to digital media and DVD. My career and family memories are priceless.

I did my research. This is the only company I found in Southeast Wisconsin capable of the excellence I would accept.

Fresh Coast's "Milwaukee Media" gave me truly professional quality and fine, personal service.

I'm pleased to post here that I highly recommend their services!”

Dave J. (

“I recently hired Fresh Coast to transfer all my old 8mm film to DVD, and I'm very happy with the results.

The film consisted of all the family footage that my dad shot during the late 50s through the 80s, along with some footage that I shot during a trip to the USSR back in 1981.  The film was old, not in the best of shape, and required cleaning and some re-splicing, and Fresh Coast did a wonderful job with this as well as converting the images to DVD format.

They do all their own work, so you are talking directly to the people who will be working on your film, and they are happy to explain in length and detail their processes, so you can ask them anything and have enough information to make a good decision.  That's important because having this done right is not a cheap decision.  One of my concerns when I decided to convert the film is that I wanted to know who would be doing the work and what sort of process was going to be used.  If you spend any time at all researching this you learn quickly that there are many different ways of converting 8mm film to digital format, and all methods are most definitely not equal.

With Fresh Coast, I knew who would actually be doing the work, and exactly what process they would be using.  They use quality equipment and quality techniques, and they have experience in doing this work.  They're not the cheapest around, but I definitely feel that I got good value for my dollars spent.

Their normal work hours can make it tough to meet them if you have a normal day job, but they do work by appointment on the weekends.”

Christian T. (

“I’ve been doing business with Fresh Coast Ltd. for many years now. In that time, they've impressively turned around many conversion projects involving my precious media, including a few old VHS cassettes and vinyl records!

Recently, my family discovered a number of old 8mm & 16mm film reels we unfortunately have no way of viewing. Amazingly, Fresh Coast can handle converting these to DVD too!

These people always make me feel welcome, and they're happy to answer all of my questions. I'll definitely return to this business.”

Sean R. (

“Thank You All at Fresh Coast Studios! I recently had been assigned to oversee a video project at work but didn't know where to start, and I was feeling a bit anxious about biting off more than I could chew. Within a few moments of talking with the guys at Fresh Coast Studios, all of my worries were forgotten.

Their professional staff was able to help me with not only the video shoot and edit, but also with the script and pre-production. They kept it within our budget as well! Throughout the production I never lost that sense of security.

They were able to produce 3D graphics from my imagination and awesome models of our product from almost nothing but picture!

The voice-overs recorded in their isolation room sounds phenomenal, as does all the audio!

Fresh Coast is truly a High Quality Professional Video and Audio Production Studio. We are very pleased with the final product that we received and will be using their services for our next project for sure!”

JBS. (

Independent film and video production in Milwaukee Wisconsin

“I’m writing this on my computer in the studio using this vendor's account. This company is one of the first indie television/video production companies in Wisconsin. I've had 3 separate video production done by them in the last 2 years. Each one was custom, highly creative, and done within my budget. We've used several high-end techniques in the productions including animation, green-screen keying and color-correction.

I very highly recommend them! “

JBS - a FRESH COAST Studios (formerly called Taylor Studios) repeat customer

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